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Building your business through digital


Need a guide to lead you through the minefield of digital product development?


Solenta Services helps organisations define and develop digital products 

We specialise in business-to-business systems that enable organisations to engage and interact digitally

Our core skills are in digital product innovation -

designing custom solutions and process innovation 

We provide services across the lifecycle to assist agile product development in an ever-changing world:

Strategy - develop digital product strategy from business opportunity

Strategy to programme planning - from strategy to a suite of projects & phases

Programme to project - management of projects & phases

Digital product BA, design & development

Delivery to product operation

Operation to evolution 

Digital Services

In-house or out-sourced teams?

We can work alongside in-house development teams, or can leverage our relationships to

provision an outsourced team, from UX design to development, test and support


Application areas 

We specialise in business systems - internal operations systems, or business to business

We have a wealth of experience, across many sectors from communications to tourism


Financial services are undergoing rapid technology change. We are heavily embedded in this area, helping deliver new financial services through software product innovation and integration 

Business analysis:

know your requirements?

Many customers think they know their high level requirements.  

But what's missing?


And what about the detail? 

Our business analysis services will fill the gaps, flesh out the details and challenge the assumptions - all to feed the product feature backlog.

Integrate with third parties?

Information systems don't exist in isolation. 

Have you thought about how your software product will integrate with other systems?

From single sign-on to security, we will work through the issues.

Business Analysis

Cyber Security - what is your risk?

Our cyber security assessment services will profile your risk from multiple angles

We assess your cyber security risk regarding people, process and technology from five perspectives:

Identify:   what information systems do you have?

Protect:    how do you protect them?

Monitor:  how do you know if you have been attacked?

Respond: how do you respond to an attack?

Recover:  how do you recover from an attack?

Cyber Security

Cyber Security:

it's not only about technology


Think people and process, not just technology

Phishing: the act of tricking a user into providing personal information

Clickjacking: tricking victims into initiating a malicious attack whilst thinking they are in a safely secured system

Ransomware: malware often spread by infected email attachments that encrypts data and demands payment for decryption 

Cyber Risks

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